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I guess it depends on what age group one belongs to. Put up a pic of a D7 and everyone knows it's a Klingon ship, even my wife knows that. A pic of a bird-of-prey (LOL, which model ??) would net "a spaceship" from the wife.

Being 'old school' I'd have to say D-7, it's been relatively the same ship since the series first aired almost 50 years ago, and almost as iconic is the Romulan Warbird, you simply can't say the same for Enterprise, it's gone thru at least 7 incarnations thru the years.

...Interestingly is that the 'Bird-of-Prey' is a Romulan ship, tho not exactly cannon is that the Romulans and Klingons shared technology at one time and the 'Bird of prey' likely fell into Klingon hands because of this.
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