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07-06-2012, 08:51 AM
funny guys aren't you? pull up window lists and a list used in a fight...oh wait, where's that at? comparing fleet rosters and such to a tactical list or tactical map? seriously? yep, i saw a lot of combat lists all through the wait, i didn't. tactical maps.

and here's a shocker...crew lists were actually lists. you can see that in a few eps. for combat a list, as the various directors of the various series knew is useless. whereas a tactical map, which is used is far more valuable as an at a glance tool.

can see there's a few here that seemed to take umbrage at me calling eve a generic space game. so they feel the need to snap back. sad really, if you love eve and it's interface so much play it.

not saying they don't throw canon out the window faster than a ferengi sprints for latinum if there's profit involved...but wanting a list, when you could have something more is stupid. wanting because eve has one is even stupider. never had the problems the op mentioned picking targets, switching targets, etc. so either way don't care, it would be nice to have a tactical map for at-a-glance disposition of forces, but not necessary.

maybe learn to play better and you wouldn't feel the need for a list?