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Originally Posted by maelwy5 View Post
Isn't the Odyssey the "Current" flagship of the Federation (Enterprise-F)?
And before that it was the Sovvie...

All things being equal, the "Galaxy Retrofit" (the one with Saucer Seperation) is probably the worst choice possible out of all the current Fed endgame cruisers. The Engineering Ensign slot is bad enough (no Ensign Tac slot means running 2 copies of Tac team is tricky without sacrificing FAW, even a Sci slot for Sci Team or PH would have been better), but what really hurts it is only having two Tac Console slots (and a very bad turn rate, unseperated; and no abillity to mount Dual Cannons). It excels neither at Mitigation, nor DPS. The Dreadnought or Sovvie simply beat it in every conceivable way. That's not to say it's a bad ship - it still "works", but anything else you pick will probably perform better.
Yes, the Ody is the Flagship. I was pointing out where the Ody is superior when I said that.
On the rest, we both said pretty much the same thing, so we agree

We also agree that the Sovvy is a more practical choice, but the Gal-R has 1000 more hull than the sovvy. So it beats it there, but I fully admit that it doesn't mean squat
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