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Until the TMP movies, the Klingon D-7 cruisers. Since that's what was only shown.

But ever since The Search For Spock, hands down it became the Bird of Prey, in whatever size it may be (or mistakenly be, as with TNG).

Even in the shows, the various Birds of Prey have been the preferred ship of many prolific Klingon captains. Maybe because the archtype is (still) the longest, continuously built kind of hulls in any navy, and therefore the most numerous.

Hell, even by the time of the Dominion War, a powerful figure such as General Martok, who was in charge of all KDF forces and military efforts based out of DS9, was on a Bird of Prey when he ventured out.

Chancellor Gowron has chosen as a flagship different ships. A Negh'var, Vor'Cha, and he too never shied away from the workhorse of the fleet, the BOP.