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Originally Posted by quiscustodiet View Post
Not sure where your numbers come from, Maelwys.
Base DPS readout of the weapon in your inventory tab, as viewed by a character on a ground map (NOT in space).

This cuts out any ship-based modifiers or buffs, including crit severity and crit chance, as well as any damage contribution from skillpoints. It's basically the rawest "base" value I can find. The rated value in the tooltip should translate across to 50 Weapons power without any outside buffs (as that's "100% standard DPS")

The values I listed were estimating damage output over a period of 300 seconds, which was the duration over which Cygone counted the # of torpedos achievable with various combinations of DOFFs back on the old boards.

The table in full is here

[Note that there is indeed an error in my numbers above. Apologies. (and the Borg Proc should also be a little higher for the Turrets, that'll teach me to reply to threads on my lunchbreak using calculations done in "Notepad"...) I was using the wrong # of shots value for 2 Launchers + 2 DOFFs of "147 torpedos over 5 minutes" when it should have been closer to ~120 shots for 2 Purple DOFFs. Technically you can indeed launch ~147/148 Photons in five minutes, which is where you'll basically start to hit a 'hard cap' due to reload times, but that requires either more than two DOFFs or more than two launchers. Assuming 120 shots instead of 147 translates to an average unbuffed value of 1619.2 Torpedo DPS rather than the 1983.52 DPS value I listed above... this is still substantially higher than the DHC value, but not quite as pronounced a difference...]

2. [Borg] contribution.
DHC: 1000*7.5%/1.5=+50 DPS.
DC/Turret: 1000*7.5%/.75=+100 DPS.
Photon: 1000/6.5=~+153.85 DPS.
I get the DHC and DC/Turret Proc values, because of the different activation cycles of DCs and DHCs/Turrets. But I'm not sure where you're pulling that Photon value from...?

It is my understanding that the [Borg] proc on Photons triggers on every shot (standard shots, not extra shots from abilities such as TS or HYT). You can therefore basically treat it as an extra 1000 damage per hit. As you add more Projectile Doffs, this will increase. At the global cooldown for projectiles (just short of one torp every two seconds), this will therefore correspond to just short of a free 500 damage per second.

firing every 6.5s=576 DPS.
Ah, now I get it. Disregard the above, it appears that your numbers use the base recharge time, which will make the DPS achievable by Projectile Weaponry a LOT worse than is possible with buffs and DOFFs. As I mentioned in my previous post, the trick is to combine the Launchers with Projectile DOFFs. I've found the "sweet spot" on my Guramba to be 2 Launchers plus 2 DOFFs.

If you use the standard recharge time for a Photon Torpedo Launcher (no DOFFs) you're indeed looking at one shot every 6.5 seconds, which translates into roughly 46 shots for each Photon launcher over a five minute period. However with Two Torpedo Launchers and 2x Purple Projectile DOFFs, that will rise to ~120 shots over the same time period: nearly a 50% increase on the original achievable number of shots for each launcher.

1 Photon, 3 Turrets
Frankly, I'm not surprised that one photon at base recharge isn't showing good results.

The trick with Projectile DOFFs is that if you have multiple torpedo tubes, each torpedo tube firing has a chance to trigger a cooldown reset on every other tube including itself. So these DOFFs work best with multiple launchers, and you can see this in Cygone's old testing results.

120 Torpedos per five minutes = one every 2.5 seconds instead of one every 6.5 seconds.

Try plugging that into your numbers (losing two DHCs for two launchers, which would also raise the average weapon energy levels a little) and see what difference it makes to a "standard" 4x DHC build. Admittedly though, this does require giving up two DOFF slots. And splitting the Console buffs will eat into achievable DPS unless you're using an "Honor Guard" set.

And, as-ever, I don't recommend this setup for anything other than STFs (and even then, STFs where you'll mainly be concentrating on shooting unshielded Borg Structures and ships with thin shields but masses of Hull points - in other words, "Elite" runs...)

The ranged dropoff damage aspect of Energy weapons compared to Torps is hard to link into the calculations, but in practice it should substantially favour torps in most cases. Whether it can effectively cancel out the reduced damage you'll be doing to shields is another story.

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