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Originally Posted by maelwy5 View Post
120 Torpedos per five minutes = one every 2.5 seconds instead of one every 6.5 seconds.

Try plugging that into your numbers (losing two DHCs for two launchers, which would also raise the average weapon energy levels a little) and see what difference it makes to a "standard" 4x DHC build.
Tried this myself when I got home and checked the maths...

120 shots over 300 seconds for two launchers is an average of 60 shots per launcher. That translates into an average of each launcher firing one shot every 5 seconds instead of the base value of once every 6.5 seconds.

Plugging this new value into your tables, and adjusting for less weapon power drain:

Photon Mk XII: 3744 DPV, firing every 5s=~749 DPS

[Borg] Contribution
Photon: 1000 damage/5 = 200 DPS

Build 3: 2 DHCs, 2 Photon, 3 Turrets:
DHC1: Fires at 125 Power, DPS=393*125*.02*1.1575+50=~1188
DHC2: Fires at 125 Power, DPS=393*125*.02*1.1575+50=~1188
Photon1: DPS=749*1.1125+200=~1033
Photon2: DPS=749*1.1125+200=~1033
Turret1: 113 Power, DPS=203*113*.02*1.1425+100=~624
Turret2: 105 Power, DPS=203*105*.02*1.1425+100=~587
Turret3: 97 Power, DPS=203*97*.02*1.1425+100=~550
Total=1188+1188+1033+1033+624+587+550=6203 DPS.

No Notepad this time, so I think that's right...?

At the extreme end, assuming you're somehow able to slot enough DOFFs to hit the magical 2 second "hard cap" with only 2 photon launchers (very unlikely, but theory is theory...) you'd be looking at 1291 DPS from each photon, for a total of 6719 DPS. But by then Quantums would be better anyway.

Naturally, this should be taken with a pinch of salt due to all the other possible variables...

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