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A rear torp is probably not something you're going to be using a whole lot, but it's helpful when it's there.

I believe that the current thinking is that 6 beam arrays is the "sweet spot" for a cruiser - 7 arrays helps a little bit more, and 8 arrays actually hurt your DPS due to power drain. An engineer can mitigate it somewhat, but contrary to popular belief, Nadion Inversion is not a cure-all (and considering its cooldown it's kind of a band-aid for burst increased damage).

If you're good with mines you would probably do well with them. But also keep in mind that what you're firing in rear is probably what you'll be firing when trying to run from an enemy. So IMO, it's probably best to put a torp there. I've toyed with the idea of sticking one of the "big" torps on the back of my cruisers, the logic being that I don't need it much but I want to cause great suffering to any in pursuit, but I've never actually tried it.

The rear torp, while not used too much, WILL be used more than you'd think. Back in the SNES Star Trek game days I remember using the Enterprise's rear torp launcher as my main weapon, and, well, keep in mind that the first and last shots the Enterprise D ever fired in anger (that we've seen on screen) were in fact very important shots from the rear tube. Not precisely consistent with STO, but it should illustrate that they can be VERY useful at a critical moment.

Myself, I've finally settled on two possible builds for all my cruisers (AC, Excel-R, Ody) - 3 beam arrays, 1 torp both fore and rear, or 2 beam arrays, 1 dbb and 1 torp in front, and 3 beam arrays and 1 torp in rear. The first configuration is the "classic" cruiser build. The second configuration is able to leverage the front arc, but there is a small, but important, wedge wherein you dramatically lose DPS because it's all focused on the fore with the DBB.

Remember that you can do a lot of neat things with cruisers, and I've seen some "insane" builds actually work pretty well with some work, but I'd personally start with something more traditional so you can get a feel of just how to fly it. One advantage of the beam array build is that you don't have to aim so much, and as a result you don't need to worry too much about where the enemy is positioned as you learn how to fly the cruiser. While IMO a (SINGLE, high-powered) RCS console can help a bit, allowing an AC into a "sweet spot" of turn rate if paired with decent Impulse Thrusters skill and a good engine, simple fact of the matter is that even if us cruiser fans somehow manage to convince the devs of the need for a turn rate boost for all cruisers, they will never be anywhere near as nimble as an escort, and as such there are things far more important than firing arc to worry about with them.
I use Harpheng Torpedoes or however you spell it. One in the front one in the back. I like the AE damage they can do and their cooldowns are right around where i like them since I spend most of the time broadside and tanking. When you are spamming BFAW there are almost always targets in mutiple arcs, and I have no reservations clicking on a ship in my foward or rear arc to make the torp in that arc (on auto fire) shoot off. When tanking KA or IS I will happily park my whale in the middle of the transformer and click around on the generators to hit them with the torps while using BFAW to hold on to the aggro.