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07-06-2012, 04:22 PM
For the record, here were the actual questions I asked:

In the most recent in game Q&A you said that a Romulan ship will not appear in a lock box because they are being saved for an upcoming Romulan faction.

(1) How can the team ever create a Romulan faction when they cant even finish the KDF faction after 2 and a half years?

(2) And if plans for a Rom faction are the reason for not doing a Rom lock box, does that mean that there are no plans for having a Card faction since you did a Galor lock box?

You also said that in Aug or Sep the foundry spotlight missions would be getting official rewards and would be featured in the mission journal similar to how the FEs were featured in the past.

(3) Will these missions also get full xp rewards similar to official missions, and if so can this be a means of finishing the KDF and any future factions?
Another I'd like to add for future Q&A's is why were the Excalibur/Vesper left out of the fleet store since they are not connie's and have nothing to do with CBS not allowing a T5 connie?

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