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07-06-2012, 04:41 PM
Q: (sierrafortune) Will ships that are made available through use of the upcoming Fleet System be made available by other means to players who do not wish to join a Fleet?

Dstahl: Fleet Ships will be restricted to members of a Fleet who overcome the necessary challenges in order to obtain these top end ships. While we don?t expect to offer these ships to non-Fleet players, we have kept the limitations on being in a Fleet very low so that even if you are a Fleet of yourself plus Alts, you may effectively not join a Fleet and still face these same challenges in order to obtain the ships.
Thanks for the answer! I'm not going to lie though, I'd prefer it if there were a way to get them outside of a fleeting altogether, but I understand that Fleets were the focus for this one, and that making them available to a single player would really detract a lot from the incentive to joining a fleet at all.

I thought one of the later answers was interesting though.

Q: (alastorforthrigh) Will we finally see a change to the STF droprates in any sort of meaningful number?

Dstahl: This is on the schedule to be addressed as part of Season 7 and will make the Omega Fleet STFs more in line with how Fleet Advancement reward unlocks work.
I know the question had nothing to do with ships, but a revamp of STF's in Fleet Advancement Style, in my humble opinion, would be the perfect place to put out a set of ships you can obtain yourself, maybe MACO/Omega/Honor Guard Variants of existing ships.
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