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07-06-2012, 05:15 PM
Okay. Just spent quite a bit of time revamping some stuff on the Federation chart. I've added the shield stat and graphic to all ships, and while I was add it, I've replaced all the console indicators with a numeric number and consolidated the icons into one row.

I've done this to make comparisons a bit easier, to make it look a bit cleaner, & for future expand-ability. I went over them twice to make sure I transferred the amount of each console correctly, but zoomed in looking at numbers all day may have made me bypass one or whatnot. So, if you see some consoles / weapon counts that are off, just lemme know.

P.S. I know the new indicators are missing in the "Starter Ships" section and the "Adv Odyssey Cruiser" sections. Gotta revisit these in the future. Also, on my to-do list is to create something for carriers showing pet-compatibility and whatnot, but seeing as how there's like 40+ ships coming , I may be doing that a little later rather than sooner...

Thanks! Hope u guys like the changes!