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Originally Posted by sotaudi View Post
I have an Armitage, a LRSV-R, and the Oddessey package. I cannot put the Ablative Generator in either the Armitage nor any of the Oddies. I cannot put any of the Ody consoles in the Armitage or the LRSV-R. I cannot put the Point Defense system from the Armitage in either the Oddies or the LRSV-R. For that matter, I cannot put it in the Atrox either, and they are both Carriers. Neither can I put those other consoles in the Atrox.

There are a few consoles that can be put in other ships, but it is monumentally factually inaccurate to suggest that you can put "every CStore console available" in the Armitage.

Either way, you can earn Dilithium in the game, and you can convert Dilithium to C-Points (and, eventually, Zen). If you are a Gold subscriber, then you also get a stipend of 400 C-Points per month. As such, there is absolutely nothing in the C-Store that someone paying cash can get that someone cannot get for "free" either by working for it in the game or through patience. That makes your basic premise that you cannot get the same "power" as someone else moot.

"If you're going to attack someone, you may as well do so with fact instead of fiction..."
I'm not arguing that you can't get it with dilithium.

If I put an Armitage with AMS, Theta, Graviton Pulse, and the Torp Spread 3 console against the free equivalent, the Fleet Escort, equal pilots, the Armitage will **** the Fleet Escort from here to hell and back, laughing the whole way.

The difference: I can pay CPonts and get access to these things instantly.

If you were using dilithium, it would take you a great long while.

While you farm dilithium, I'm honing my ability to use these tools in PvP.

By the time you can gather it all and actually use it in PvP, I've already mastered it.

Nevertheless, it would appear "pay to win" is changing a bit regardless with the advent of the Fleet ships... I had a look at them, they are actually quite impressive. And best of all, don't require CPoints (or dilithium)... just contrabution to your fleet starbase.