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Some great information here, especially about the "Bird-of-Prey" being originally a stolen Romulan ship.

I got inspired by this discussion and spent some time reading about the Klingon ships, including 'behind-the-scenes' reasons for their designs. The info is mostly from hobby modellers who are passionate about the Klingon ships.

I might surprise some of you with what I've found out, considering that I just started getting into Klingons, and haven't really been much into Star Trek. I'd like some 'hardcore' trek fans to either confirm or deny the following, please:

Apparently, the Vor'Cha class ship was originally designed as a symbol of the alliance between the Klingons and Starfleet/Federation. Due to that, its 'nacelles' are Starfleet technology and look very similar in design and color to TNG's Enterprise 'nacelles'. I wasn't able to find what Klingon technology Starfleet/Federation incorporated into their ships in return, at least the visible kind.

According to the information I've found, there were never meant to be any Klingon ships with Starfleet/Federation 'nacelles' beyond the Vor'Cha. The Negh'Var was originally meant to be a completely different design but the designers were told that the schedule for the episode where it first appeared has changed, and that they needed to come up with something quick. As a result, they built the Negh'Var literally on top of Vor'Cha by adding parts to it. That's how the Negh'Var retained the Starfleet/Federation 'nacelles'.

The original Klingon technology had a cyan or blue-green color for their 'nacelles' and a different glow to them.

I have to say that even though I'm too young to be nostalgic about the early D7 K'Tinga ships, I really like their strong appearance. If one thinks about it, they originally had to come up with a Klingon ship that instilled fear into Starfleet, and D7 is what they came up with. I like it!
I go by with what's shown in the movies and TV shows. Everything else is optional fluff, IMO. Some good, some bad stuff out there.

That being said, nacelles with Klingon warship designs aren't anything new. The D7 had them in TOS. The remodelled version, the K'Tinga had them. Versions of the cruiser shown in TMP timeframe movies, namely Undiscovered Country, had some "glowies" on the nacelles already such as found on the "Kronos One," before glowing ships became all the rage with TNG.