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07-06-2012, 09:23 PM
B'rel BoP. I can respect the K'tinga as the TOS Klingon ship, and it showed up all the other series in some form or another, but TOS was canceled a decade before I was born and by the time I was old enough to watch reruns even then I recognized how dated it was. The B'rel on the other hand had staring roles in 5 movies and was THE Klingon ship for TNG and DS9 (moreso than the Vorcha, IMO), as well as popular with the likes of Ferengi pirates and a certain privateer named Dukat. Its like the AK47 of the Trek verse; even over a century old and with no logistical support it just does everything. I would not be surprised if in that famous future battle with the Sphere Builders and the Enterprise J, there's still B'rels or K'vorts around.