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07-06-2012, 10:23 PM
The D7 is the very original design of Klingons. However, there was a cooperation between the Romulan and the Klingon empire during which the Romulans passed the cloaking technology to the Klingons and in exchange to the Klingon D7 schematics (I think, the romulan were also limited in their capacity of warp drives up to this time).

I think during this time, the B'rel Bird of Prey might be designed (it clearly shows some Romulan features), becoming one of the most iconic ships of the Klingon empire.

Though the D7 might be more original "Klingon" in its design, the B'rel bird of prey is more iconic ship, because more important Klingon antagonists (like Captain Klaa or General Chang, the Duras sisters) have used it in later mobies and series.