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Originally Posted by strangerdanger View Post
Hey just posting my current build looking for things to inprove my ship i know current isn't great, please no flame.

Fore weapons:

tetryon cannon mk X [CrtH]x2 [Dmg]
tetryon cannon mk X [CrtD] [Dmg]
tetryon cannon mk X [Acc] [CrtH] [Borg]
quantum torpedo launcher mk X

Polarized parabolic deflector mk XI

Jem'Hadar Combat Inpulse Engines mk XI

Jem'Hadar resilient sheilds MK XI

Aft Weapons:
tetryon beam array mk X [CrtH] [Dmg]
tetyron beam array mk X [Dmg]
polarized tetryon beam array mk X
quantum torpedo launcher mk IX

Engineering consoles:
ablative hull armor mk X
tetraburnium hull armor mk x
tetraburnium hull armor mk x
Field emitter mk VIII

Science consoles:
sheild emitter amplifer mk XI
sheild emitter amplifer mk X
assimulated module

Tatical consoles:
Aquarius escort (ship)
tetryon pulse generator mk XII
tetryon pulse generator mk XII

I just am starting STFs and working on M.A.C.O. sets but any other advice would greatly help
First what is your career? (tac,eng,sci) Second, what is your BOff layout and your DOff layout? (bridge oficer and duty officer)

If you are using the Jem'hadar set you should be using polaron weapons since the 2 piece bonus is a polaron damage boost.

Additionaly if you have enough for the retro borg gear I suggest forgoing the borg shield. the 4 piece bonus is just a tractor beam that has a long cool down and you really get the best use out of the 3 piece bonus anyway. you may use what ever shield you like untill you get the maco set altho the maco shield with the borg set is fairly useful for survivability.
Untill then you can either use a shield with [cap] [reg] [pla] or the paratrinic shield from I believe past imperfect.(it has the highest cap in the game but the lowest regen)

If you are just fighting in stf's the picking up some parametallic armor is a good idea since it has the highest plasma resistance. I'm not sure but I think that, and a monotanium gives you a higher net for plasma and kinetic than neutronium armors.
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