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Originally Posted by cptjhunter View Post
First, ditch the cannons. Sorry, the turn rate on the Oddy is too slow for mob control,with cannons, and no matter how many RCS accelerators you stack in sacrifice of armor will help that.
Also I would use 2 neutroniums(or three) and keep the ablative( for plasma damage).
loose the engineering shield emitter, the returns on it are too low.
For science consoles.
Shield emitter amplifier, for X% regen is good. Also the Field Generator adds X% to your shield cap.Running one energy type, is good, I use Antiproton. Front setup I use 1 quantum torp, 2 beam arrays, and one dual beam array. Nothing wrong with your aft setup(my opinion)
For 15 EDCs, you can complete the retro borg four piece set.This will help until you get your MACO pimp job.If its too fugly,(I think it is) you can turn off the visuals.
Hope this helps.
Actualy at 180 degrees single cannons can be quite viable on a cruiser and with the right engine setup you can easily squeece an 11 degree turn rate. Infact my dreadnought is an all cannon setup.
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