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Not to knock the Ops thread off subject,my engineer alt is about to go VA.I really want to get the dread for him.I saw one tear up Infected like childsplay, and had one with me in a sector borg encounter tear up a unimatrix like it was tissue paper.It was a month ago, between that Dread, and my escort(Defiant) the rest of the group could AFK for a snack.Cannon build really work on a Oddy? The turn rate on mine is pitiful.Ive got all three consoles on the tac one(got the three pack as a gift a few months back)I really like using crusiers as well as escorts. The Dread to me has held my facination for awhile, just wondering if its worth the investment.Do you use all phasers?(phaserlance)Sorry, not trying to sidetrack the thread..
The dread and the oddy have the same base turn rate.
An all cannon dread works best with a tac captain. And yes if you go with the dread use all phasers as it makes your lance more powerful. Here is a thread I used when I set mine up.

As for the oddy you loose the burst potential of the lance but gain some durability and a console slot. plus the 2 universal slots mean you can either mirror the dread boff setup, or, add a lt com tac boff and have some real ass kisking power.

Personaly I use beams on my oddy since My engineer captain uses it. But a tac captain in a cannon oddy should be just as effictive as one in a dread.
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