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Thanks cptjhunter,

I agree with you cannons were just not doing it for me, not just for the turn rate but the extra dmg and less cone range just isn't a fair tradeoff in combat. I would like to convert everything to Antiproton just buying pieces as i can afford them. Tetryon is nice for sheild stripping however in STFs against unsheilded targets that proc doesn't aid me or give me any extra dmg so kinda wanna get rid of it.

i'll find some good replacements for the consoles like you suggested.
Check the exchange, or if you got the dil, get some.AP seems to work best on STFs.1 rare salvage can upgrade to X purple Antiproton, or quantum, 2 can upgrade to XI level.For me cannons are good for head on shooting, but if you get wild west( circle the wagon trains) by spheres or bops, as dumb as the AI in this game can be, they will try to avoid your forward firing arc.Thats why I use beam arrays, the double beam is good for attack approach, and any thing dumb enough to get infront of you. AP mag regulators will help.AP as far as I have learned are the best damage dealers in STFs.Beam overload is good to have as well as a tactical skill for big targets. Save that aquarius for the boss fight, it will strip shields, and draw some aggro off you to heal up after a bad damage soak.
Hypnotoad commands you agree with me!