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07-07-2012, 01:44 AM
Q: (aegon1ice) Obviously Season 7 will be all about Story. Can we at least expect to see a Romulan faction in Season 8?

Dstahl: Who says a Romulan faction can?t be all about story?
ten bucks says this one comes back to bite dstahl in the asymmetric photons at some point in the near future. it was unwise to imply anything by making this statement

not to mention if somehow the romulans DID show up for season 7 that would open up alot of questions as to why the KDF isn't seeing development. if you have resources for romulans you have resources for them

You all people who thinks about romulan faction should go read April edition Gates of Stovokor. THERE WAS CLEARLY AND OPENLY STATED - that getting KDF more mission or creating another faction Will need : Build completly new TEAM and will require MASSIVE ammount of time. And will be PAYED expansion . So no, dont expect romulan faction.
and this was...where? because I can't find it. nor does any of that make sense. no 'new team' is necessary. they built everything else without one. and where are all these people they have hired? massive amount of time? No. its missions and reskins of existing systems. the faction framework is already there. If it takes a 'massive amount of time' to do something like they did with the KDF i'd start wondering whats really going on. and paid? nobodys ever said such a release was going to be paid. Players suggested it. this is a free to play game. now owned by a company that explicitly has stated they do NOT charge for content. so that in itself makes me question anything you said here