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Originally Posted by mehen View Post
That's not OP...that's terrible.

4 front, 2 aft slots means you can compare this more to a science-escort hybrid than an actual escort. Okay, so what two ships are closest in comparison?

You can replicate the same stations as the new fleet escort, since the console slots are identical anyway. Okay...but it has ~4k less hull and .05 less shield modifier. Not bad, per se, but the fleet escort was already the lowest of the fleet escort refits, anyway. However, if you toss that universal LT station to another engi slot, you could have a tanky escort. Not sure how the -.27 modifier compared to the patrol escort would, though, even if the patrol has a LT/Ens potential for engineering. So what about science?

That would be the fleet science vessel refit, the crazy Nova. I think the Nova might deal more dps than the Aquarius, tbh. 3/3 weaponry and no tac comm station, but a comm science station might make up wonderfully. Stats-wise, the Nova has ~1k more hull, but a nice .39 extra shield modifier, not to mention built-in target subsystem powers. The Nova's consoles are 3/3/4, as opposed to the Aq's 4/4/2, but I'd say the Aq has the advantage due to the universals. So, oddly enough, the Nova might deal more damage, but the Aq can tank more...maybe.

OP? Nah, but quirky as hell.
note: its called a "destroyer" not an escort. so its not really an escort as far as the game is concerened, but it is similar.