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07-07-2012, 08:40 AM
Originally Posted by cmdrskyfaller View Post
This is what irritates me about gaming companies. Caving in to whiny kids when they fail to use their brains.

Me: Your near complete lack of understanding on HOW quad cannons work in this game is only out-shined by your rudeness.

Quad cannons are fine as they are. Their purpose was to give ships the ability to fight at high speeds while retaining almost the same damage as dual heavy cannons (which eat up wep power thus preventing high engine speed settings).

Me: They were designed to sell the San Paulo. Current implementation makes them USELESS for high speed fighting. -10 Weapon Power - 10 Engine Power. I'd be thrilled to PvP anyone if they were able (and naive enough) to mount 4. Every few second watching -40 to speed grind them to a halt.

You could run ANY other weapon and have better performance if "High speed fighting" is your goal. FYI my Defiant runs 125/90 in weapons with 70/50 in engines.

There is no need to buff them. Instead make the engine power setting a bigger % of the damage output of the guns. Aka a quad cannon running 70 engine 50 weapon (as an example) should be equivalent to a dual heavy cannon running at 90 weapon power. Currently its the equivalent of running the dual heavy at 80 weapon power.

Me: What you suggest is in fact, a buff. and they would still be useless for anything other than playing this games boring PvE system. [ACC]x2 [CrtD]x2 is what those cannons truly need, since as stated above me, you won't hit anything with them in PvP.

Oh and before you decry PvP'rs whiny kids and whomever else in your world is ticking you off here's another fact: in PvE [ACC] is even better, since the extra [ACC] gets converted to critical severity!

That simple change would make them absolutely a great item. As they are they are useless. This is a step in the right direction. What they really need to do is retool the defiant so that when you have quad cannons equipped it fires your weapons in a canon mode that matches the show. And fix the cannons more.
Seriously... how some people act like "the subject matter expert" on things they have no clue on...

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