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04-14-2009, 02:29 PM
Originally Posted by Awen
Oleum was kind enough to set up an STO channel on Gamesurge. You don't have to have an IRC client to chat. Just go to this link -

I'm sitting in there right now if you'd like to join us.

As a side note - this is where the Trivia contests are going to be held from here on out.
Errr...while this is "kind of cool", I think the forums are more appropriate for official chat for at least two reasons:

1) moderation(dont really need to explain why it is impossible to truly moderate instant chat)

2) EVERYONE can read what was written on the forums, regardless of whether they are online when the statement is made or not. The live chat alienates all who are not able to be on 24/7 because they miss the comments.

In conclusion, please keep any official statements about the game here on the forums where everyone can have a chance to read them and participate in the discussion at ANY time.