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General Bug Fixes and Updates for Season 6 including:
  • The amount of Expertise displayed in Project contribution will now properly reflect the amount of Expertise donated.
  • The rank dropdown in the ship purchasing UI should drop down appropriately
  • Adjusted limits on the Dilithium exchange to synch with upcoming Season 6 C-Point to Zen conversion. Dilithium exchange is disabled on Tribble.
  • Added a 30 minute cooldown to all Season 6 PVE queues
  • Several new icons replace previous versions: Energy Credits, Expertise, Skill Points and Fleet Credits.
  • Starbase Incursion: Fixed an issue with the final Captain fight that was calculating captain kills incorrectly
  • The Gryphon should now be able to use Type 1 windows
  • Several minor updates to FED and KDF Fleet Starbases Interiors
  • Starbase Fleet Action: Updated the offensive capabilities of the Siege Dreadnoughts
  • Reduced damage done by Tholian Web

Nukara - Tholian Event
  • Addressed an issue where the Medium quest area on the Exterior was not re-spawning Tholians or resetting mission interactions properly
  • Fixed an issue with the Tholian Reward boxes that was preventing players from receiving weapon rewards
  • Attempts to fix an issue where several summoned and mission NPCs would burn up in the Demon atmosphere, despite wearing EV suits
  • Made adjustments to several Tholian patrol groups so that they would no longer collide while patrolling
  • If you click respawn after defeat while fighting the Tholian Project Leader, you will now spawn outside of the Cave on the transporter pad instead of inside the mountain near the mine elevator.
  • Made several performance updates to the zone to address reports of lag
  • Tholians on the exterior surface should no longer take damage from the acid pools

Additional Known Issues
  • Available, Spent and Spent on this Officer Expertise points do not decrease until a player accepts assigning the points to Bridge Officer Skills
  • Fleet Rewards ? Fleet Science Skill Boosts are not scaling properly
  • Fleet Rewards: Space Weapons, Deflectors, and Engines are not displaying proper provisioning costs