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# 1 Canon Bridges and ship Layouts
07-07-2012, 06:27 PM
Can they finally come out with bridges from the series, motion picturesm and the latter movies? The only two canon bridges from the Fed side they came out with was the TOS Constitution bridge and layout, and the Defiant Bridge. What about the Motion Picture Bridges from the six Star Trek Movies with Kirk? There were 3 types of bridges and the interior layouts used in those movies were different than whats offered for the ships now. What about the TNG Bridges and the four movies following that? The interior layout on the Galaxy is quite diferent than that on the Sovereign. Walking on the decks in the sauser section of the Galaxy would be more beam width while walking in the sauser of a Sovereign would be more elongated. Plus the coridors shaped different between the different classes.

I don't like the current engine room layout. I don't like how this one is canted at a wrong angle in relation to the deck layout. I rather have a choice between canon engine rooms from all the sereis and movies. If you don't want to take the time to remake Engine Rooms, then why not let us tailor our own?

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