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Originally Posted by spidermitch0 View Post
Okay. Just spent quite a bit of time revamping some stuff on the Federation chart. I've added the shield stat and graphic to all ships, and while I was add it, I've replaced all the console indicators with a numeric number and consolidated the icons into one row.

I've done this to make comparisons a bit easier, to make it look a bit cleaner, & for future expand-ability. I went over them twice to make sure I transferred the amount of each console correctly, but zoomed in looking at numbers all day may have made me bypass one or whatnot. So, if you see some consoles / weapon counts that are off, just lemme know.

P.S. I know the new indicators are missing in the "Starter Ships" section and the "Adv Odyssey Cruiser" sections. Gotta revisit these in the future. Also, on my to-do list is to create something for carriers showing pet-compatibility and whatnot, but seeing as how there's like 40+ ships coming , I may be doing that a little later rather than sooner...

Thanks! Hope u guys like the changes!
Definitely loving the changes

And other than your mentioned ships that don't have the changes, the only thing that seems off with the new changes is with the Vulcan D'Kyr. It's console and device bar is set just a little bit lower than the others... but it's a very minor change.

And yeah, 40+ ships, spread out between the Federation and the KDF... that's gonna be a handful. And as far as I've seen, every single one of the Fleet Refits/Retrofits will be Tier 5... and at about 20 per faction, will expand the Tier 5 sections signficantly. In fact, imagining you adding ships like you have in the past... would just make them look clunky and oversized, maybe ridiclious, IMO.

If you choose not to make an entire new chart just for these ships, maybe you could add them in separate rows below (rows being the standard Escort, Cruiser and Science Vessel rows).

Possibly a space between the Fleet ships and the current ships?

Edit: Oh, and also, the Caitian Atrox Carrier's device number is separate from the bar with the consoles.
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