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07-07-2012, 06:50 PM
don't seem to have much of a prob keeping that arc on enemies either.
This is only possibble if you near constantlly move at minimum speed. It can work but it absolutly requires youminimise the list of things shooting at you.

EDIT: I've also started to really get my voquv gweared out, thanks to the extreme amount of flow capacitor consles i'm running for my plasmonic leach i'm seeing some pretty insane drain amounts from energy siphon and target X now. Most PVE ships lose their sheilds from siphon and the leech alone, all 3 takes anythings sheilds offline. In fact Target X plus leech plus siphon will take the targent system offline every time, thats a LOT more powerful than people give it credit for. My Voquv finds the Cube and Donatra and Assamilliated Carrier fights a total cakewalke now.

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