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07-07-2012, 07:28 PM
So, this happened a while back.

I was doing Cure Normal. Remember that Normal part, because that's important.

Some guy in a Bortasqu' was flying around, doing pretty good, DPSing well enough, but something was off about him.

We wound up losing the optional, I believe, and then the guy in the Bortasqu' wound up getting destroyed. When he respawns, he just sits there.

I suggested he join us. He said something along the lines of "Nope, imma just sit here."

In a slightly snarky but generally inoffensive manner, I posit that we'd be doing better if he'd help. He comes back with something about crappy rainbow boats and bad DPS. He had insulted a Normal STF pug for having bad builds.

Now, here's my thing. This is a Normal STF. Normal. Not Elite. Having teh 1887 hAxx0rz build is neither required nor necessary to do a Normal STF, even for the optional. There's even less reason to go insulting people in a Normal STF because learning STFs is what Normal is for. Insulting people accomplishes nothing but making the insulter look like a tremendous *******. You have no excuse to treat anyone like that in a Normal STF, ever. As you might expect, this angered me significantly.

Having taken enough of this bull**** from this elitist douche, I politely suggested he f*** off and die.

He /tell'd me with the creatively worded response, "easy s*** and die" shortly after the game ended. I promptly ignored him. He likely did the same.

Kids, please. Remember that Normal is probably going to be full of sub-par builds and players. Save the high expectations for Elite. And even then, acting like an ******* is still uncalled for.