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Originally Posted by sumghai View Post
I personally think that shipwide uniforms should be available by default without any purchases.

However, if you mean additional, alternate slots for even shipwide uniforms, then that could prove to be very interesting.

Cryptic hasn't been too keen on customisation of DOffs. Good thing their portraits only show everything above the neck, so I suppose we'd have to just imagine they share their the same uniforms.

My personal choice would have been to sync them, although the second option is there if the first isn't financially feasible.
DOffs all wear Starfleet Academy uniforms.

Personally, I';d switch all non-essential (non-named) Starfleet NPCs over to this look to match the DOffs.

I also think it would match the shows better and maybe also act as a nod to the enlisted uniform's use on most of the extras in the TOS films.

As a rule, your average Starfleet grunt looks VERY uniform. It's the senior staff who tend to run around out of uniform or in weird uniform variants.

In fact, in the TOS films, I'd go so far as to say that it was almost rare to see any of the senior staff in unaltered uniforms if they wore uniforms at all.

So, in my mind, customization should be:

For players and bridge officers (senior staff).

Everyone else should default to the Academy uniform the DOffs wear (unless they're an important NPC, such as senior staff on a ship, a questgiver, etc).

People should be able to set a default uniform for their lower decks officers aboard their own ship and/or for their fleet's NPCs, a single uniform template per division. (Although it might be really fun if fleet customization meant total customization for important fleet starbase NPCs.)