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07-07-2012, 07:47 PM
Here's the thing about BOff costume slots.

I agree we could use it, but there's a critical issue you're not thinking about, one that may well be the only reason we don't have this feature yet.

STO's character models already have a large amount of things it needs to keep track of, vastly more than most other MMO characters need. This, as you might expect, takes up a lot of space on their servers relative to what a WoW or TERA character might. On top of that you have BOffs. You need at least five to run an endgame ship, and each has to be saved as well. And each of these has nearly the same customization of a player character.

In short, your one character has the contain the data for six characters, not considering extra costume slots for the player.

If your five BOffs each get another costume slot? That number nearly doubles to eleven. If you use your fleet and off-duty costumes, it's more like thirteen. And I haven't factored in additional characters you might have on your account.

To show you how big this can get, let's use my account as an example. I have about 14 characters. Each has about twelve costume slots, most only have ten or so filled. Each of these characters has at least four BOffs, but most have more like eight.

Averaging it to ten costumes used with six BOffs across fourteen characters, that's two hundred and twenty-four individual characters the server has to save. Eighty-four of those are BOffs only. If I bought a BOFF costume slot that unlocked account-wide, that number doubles to one hundred and sixty-eight. That brings the grand total to three hundred and eight.

None of this is including data required to save items, ships, or anything else the server needs to keep track of.

tl;dr: As cool as it would be, it'd also ridiculously impractical space-wise.