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07-08-2012, 04:15 AM
I have recently updated the mission with overhauled maps, gameplay mechanics and some storyline additions. I also fixed some typos and the flow of the story/dialog.

I'm quite proud of the new "Terok Nor Docking Ring" map. It is a bit larger and I tried to make it more three-dimensional. There's also a Control Room and some obstacles added in the player's path.

"Celestial Temple" was overhauled to look more ominous and mysterious. "S.S. Ratosha Bridge" was mostly beautified, with some more consoles and a little Bajoran touch. "S.S. Ratosha Cargo Area" was updated with better gameplay mechanics and a little sidestory about pests in Cargo Bay 06.

Overall I tried to improve the mission flow by changing many contacts to triggers (with the nice effect that most dialogs can only be played once, giving some meaning to your dialog choices!).

I would still love to get some detailed feedback. And I'll be very thankful for any input, feedback or opinions about the mission.



Current version: 1.03.006

- renamed several NPCs
- removed typos and language errors
- streamlined dialog (optional dialog can now be accessed through triggers)
- changed the formatting of some texts (e.g. using OOC-font)
- added chat dialogs to several NPCs

- changed several NPC contacs to triggers
- added some environment triggers ('Scan Crates', 'Receive Subspace Message', etc.)
- added several access points to the S.S. Ratosha Library Computer for background info
- added optional storyline regarding pests in Cargo Bay 06
- added new objectives to Terok Nor Docking Ring
- made it harder for several NPC contacts to be accidentally killed (hopefully)

- added background info to S.S. Ratosha Bridge (Colonel Salin)
- added Starfleet subspace message to Terok Nor maps (U.S.S. Cadiz/Alina Murakami)
- added Starfleet subaspace hail to Terok Nor Habitat Ring (U.S.S. Cadiz/Alina Murakami)
- added dialog to Lemak Thal
- refined Laira Mika's dialogs throughout the mission
- added new Ferengi contact to final map (Ferengi Marauder Mayak/Brexx)
- added new Starfleet contact to final map (U.S.S. Penumbra/Yongii Ahrendt)

- redecorated "S.S. Ratosha Bridge"
- changed some assets on "S.S. Ratosha Cargo Area"
- small improvements to "Terok Nor Promenade"
- overhaul of "Terok Nor Habitat Ring" (refinements + new bar area)
- complete overhaul of "Celestial Temple"
- complete overhaul of "Terok Nor Docking Ring" (new shuttle bay + control room)

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