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Bug: People appear to be wearing their EVA suit, but still burst into flames upon exiting the protected dome.

Cause: When the armor visual is turned on, if an EVA suit is being worn, it shows the EVA suit regardless of whether it's actually "activated" or not.

Suggested solution: change the Armor Visual ON but Suit OFF mode to show the EVA suit without its helmet. It lets you show off your armor, but still lets you know that if you go into vacuum that way, you're going to have a bad time.

Related: If Armor Visual is turned off, when wearing your EVA suit you get the generic suit texture from the "Boldly They Rode" armor, rather than the texture of the suit you're wearing.

Mostly Unrelated: As an Andorian, it's very uncomfortable folding my antennae down to fit in the helmet; I'm about ready to have engineering drill holes in the helmet for them, breaching suit integrity be damned! ....please advise.