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BUG: Cannot use or discard Datachips on Nukara Ground Map

Description. Trying to clear inventory, double-clicking datachips in inventory says 'you can't equip that item'. Right-click gives only 'Info', no choice to use or discard. Double-click while in Base Camp gives message 'you can't equip that item'; however, right-click will allow you to discard.


User Interface (UI), Inventory Items-Datachips

How to reproduce (If known.)

1- Open inventory
2- Double-click on datachip
3-Receive message 'you can't equip that item'

1-Open inventory
2-Right-click on datachip
3-No option to 'Use' or 'Discard'

1-Open inventory
2-Drag datachip out of inventory
3-Will not move or discard


Cannot use or discard on Nukara Prime ground map(s)-I believe I was in Bravo area.
Can discard at home base


A minor annoyance, but still irritating when your inventory is full and you can't get rid of something.

It is quite possible that I already had the three datachips that I was attempting to get rid of, so I can't say for sure that you cannot 'use' them by right-clicking at home base, I didn't think to check until after discard & server kicked me out while typing this so can't check the log, sorry.

However, the datachips had no option to discard on the ground map, and dragging off the inventory bar did not work either.
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