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-snip- What about the Motion Picture Bridges from the six Star Trek Movies with Kirk? There were 3 types of bridges and the interior layouts used in those movies were different than whats offered for the ships now.
Might be because that bridge in the six original movies changed dramatically with each new filming because after each film, the producers were like "Well, that's a wrap, scrape the set!" untill they saw the sells figures on the movie, and decided to try and make another one. About the only movie they thought ahead for a sequel was Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, which only had a quick snap shot of the bridge at the end. Between V and VI, the bridge went form shiny white futuristic touch screens to a more muted, button and throttler controls with a soft carpet.

So, you'll have to decide WHICH of the bridges to include, how to include them, and then you have to spend time drawing up, designing, and post producing these bridges. All in the hopes that a portion of the population loves to get anachronistic with their gear. (Seriously, I love the Wrath of Khan type uniforms, but this is the 25th century, not the 23rd. Personally, it throws me out of immersion when i see a canon version of it on ESD. But that is a personal opinion.)