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That is why it is useful to combine commands to keys. The following are my ones to engage and disengage from battle:

Prepare for Battle, weapons at full, turn auto attack on.
F9 "StatsPreset_Load Preset_1$$defaultautoattack 1"

Battle Over, shields at full, turn auto attack off.
F10 "StatsPreset_Load Preset_2$$defaultautoattack 0"

Granted, you might have other reasons to change power levels, but you can encorporate those as well in other scenario keybinds.
Well, I'm switching power presets based on who (what) I attack mid-combat. I could combine that switching with firing of specific abilities, but the power transfers are too slow for that (when I use a Tyken's rift, I need the auxiliary power to already be at max, not for it to start flowing there). That's why I'll rather keep all that on separate keys (and also because when I need a Gravity Well, I really don't want to cast a Tyken's Rift and vice versa).
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