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True noob here. How do I activate my attack patterns? I have searched all over the web and the commands interface and cannot seem to find how to turn them on.

Thanks in advance
Attack Patterns in the game are actually abilities that Tactical Captains and Bridge Officers will get. Tactical Captains get Attack Pattern Alpha. BOs get ... Beta, Delta and Omega. They all will increase damage, but there are other game effects unique to each pattern.

Attack Patterns Beta and Delta do a similar thing but in different ways. Beta makes your weapons put a Damage Resistance Debuff on the ship(s) that your hit. (A Damage REsistance Debuff means the target takes more damage from any source). Pattern Delta is an an ability that your place on a Friendly Target (which can be yourself). Delta gives the target a Damage Resistance Buff (means they take less damage). And it also means that any Enemy Fire at the AP Delta Target will get a Damage REsistance Debuff (means they will take more damage).

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