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I just purchased the catian carrier and was curious what the different "modes" do exactly,

theres "attack" "escort" "intercept" and "recall"

i was just hoping there was some more information to know what to use each for and also any additional tips on what things I should be doing on my carrier to make it as combat efficient as possible.
from Dev Blog #44:

Attack - In this mode, your fighters attack your selected target. Fighters will engage any target you select up to 12 km away; it?s possible for your carrier to remain just outside of combat distance and send fighters to engage an enemy. If you don?t have a selected target, or you?re not in combat, your fighters will form up in front of your ship as you travel. Once your team enters combat, the fighters will continue to engage enemies, but will preferentially attack your selected target. If you change targets, your fighters will change targets as well, although it may take a few seconds for a fighter to disengage from an existing dogfight!

Escort - In this mode, your fighters follow an ally that you select. When that ally is attacked, the fighters enter combat. If you select a different ally, your fighters will move to that ally instead. Once you?ve set fighters to escort mode and given them a friend to escort, you can enter combat and engage enemies, and the fighters will remain in defense of your ally.

Intercept - Use intercept mode when you?re engaging other enemy carriers or enemies with heavy torpedoes or mines. Your fighters will attack enemies at will, but will preferentially engage torpedoes, mines, and small craft. You can use your fighters to clear out minefields or to pre-emptively destroy volleys of heavy torpedoes from Romulans or Borg.

Recall - To bring your fighters back from the fray, issue the recall command. Your support craft will return and follow your vessel in formation. Fighters under a Recall order will not engage in combat, but enemies might still chase them back to you! You can also issue a Recall command to force your fighters to stop attacking, then choose a new target and change to a different command order if you want to send your fighters in a new direction.

From personal experience: Basically, the commands you'll generally be using are "Intercept" and "Attack".

Use "Attack" if you want your pets to attack your target, "Intercept" if you want them to pick their own targets (good for clearing "spam"). You can change from "intercept" to "attack" without any special micro-management, but not the other way around... Fighters tend to fixate on their current target once they've started firing at it, so use "recall" THEN "intercept" if you want them to STOP firing on their current target and start picking random targets instead.

There is a nice side-effect of the above behaviour though: if you target a foe and switch your fighters to "attack" mode, you can then switch straight from "attack" mode to "intercept" mode and they will keep attacking that first target. This allows you to target and fire upon another second enemy with your own ship whilst your fighters keep the first foe busy. I've found this trick to be very handy in "Khittomer Accord" Elite STF missions, since it allows me to sic my fighters on a cube, keeping it busy whilst I spin around and quickly kill a set of probes.

"Recall" mode is pretty important - it's used to call your fighters towards you if they start misbehaving. You generally only need to toggle it on for a short period of time until the little critters 'heel'... but you can use it toggled on for longer periods of time in order keep your pets passive (so they don't shoot stuff you don't want them to shoot - like on the "Infected" STF).

"Escort" mode - I never use it. I'm always the one pulling aggro and I generally don't trust the AI to control the fighters properly for very long if I let them out of my sight.

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