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The plural of anecdote is not data. My point was that, while they might toss in new bridge packs, those are much simpler to edit relative to an entire ship's interior. While I'm sure the packs sell reasonably well considering the effort put into them, I highly doubt we'll see a release of canon bridges and full interior changes put into the C-Store at the same pace as we see ships. Ships sell, because we're in them the most and you see their exterior the most. Bridges aren't a priority because how many people actually bother to relax onboard, and as such the given price point.

It's pretty clear: 2000Zen for a ship, or 400Zen for a bridge pack? Guess which one PWE will prioritize. It's not a shot at anyone wanting more costumes or visual changes to their ships' exteriors and interiors, but the fact of the matter is this is a F2P game now. If it doesn't tie into the C-Store somehow, there is little incentive to pursue it. Even then, and I judge this only by how long of a wait has been between bundles, they might not sell well enough to warrant more being made. For instance, I would love for the Nebula to get more costumes, aka the ones the Exploration Cruiser gets but for some reason were never ported over to the space manatee. But, I acknowledge that few people buy the Nebula, let alone buy it, so Cryptic/PWE has little incentive to throw in new items for said ship.

Sure, the Galaxy is iconic, but few people actually fly the ship due to the constraints of the game. Maybe if it were to become more powerful, people would buy it, and trigger more sales of a supposed bundle granting the ship and various new features. Again, I'm sure it'd sell, but I don't think they make enough money so far off these things (or this game in general) to warrant them spending more time than they already do on visuals they already have said are clunky to work with.
I manage to turn my Galaxy to a force to be reconed with. The Galaxy is weak in this game because the devs have a bias against it and are all for exscorts, thats why all the new ships turn out to be escort class. Now they made escorts into carriers as well.

Bridge and interior layouts can come all in between seasons, like they have before. Ventage always attract enthuseist. If you make it many of the the original fans of the show will buy them. Mark my word.

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