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07-08-2012, 06:43 PM
It will remove the current dps-centric , in-your-face-blasting type of starship combat and replace it with a trek-like combat environment.
You need to rethink the maths, if that's your goal, especially for PvE & STFs.

STFs are largely excercises in wearing down a huge target with huge HP as soon as possible. Your changes to the DPS and subsystem energy mechanic have actually increased the damage a weapon will do at 125 power, unbuffed.

(This model excludes skill points, cos you've not touched them)
Under the current system, weapons do their indicated damage at 50 weapons power, ex buffs, and does double their indicated damage at 100 weapon power.

So a DHC with 500 DPS will do that 500 DPS at 50, 1000 DPS at 100 weapon power (200% of displayed), and 1250 at 125 weapons power (250% of displayed). So each 1 point of weapons power changes it by 2%. You make that 4x as effective, and each 1 point of weapons power will change the DPS by 8%. Now okay, the same DHC will now only do 250 DPS at 50 weap. power, cos you've halved it. But crank it up to 125, and that DHC now does 1750 DPS (900% of displayed), unbuffed.

Incidentally, weapons would do 0 damage from a power setting of 37 or lower. So energy drain is now absurdly OP.

And you've increased regen-rates, not changed resistances, and not changed HP for shields, so they get this with no sacrifice in resilience. And actually, since they now have more unbuffed DPS to play with, they could sacrifice maybe 10 weapon power, put it into shields and get 4x the benefit that they'd get now.

I know you've halved the effectiveness of BOff powers, which will take a big chunk out of spike damage, but, against large targets in STFs that don't die to one Alpha strike (or even 3 or 4) and require sustained damage, DPS builds are still going to be king.

Where it would have a huge effect is on PvP, but possibly too far in the other direction. Atm, shield regeneration is upped by 4% for every point above 50 (again excluding skills, buffs etc), which'd turn into 16% on your model. That, coupled with you already doubling the regen rate, means you could have six times (I think) as much shield regen at 100 power as you can have now. Now, I know shield regen only procs every 6 seconds and as such is not relevent in PvP currently, but shield power also effects your ships damage resist, which will protect you from an Alpha strike. Although I don't have stats for that, so I can't crunch the maths. Some people with more PvP experience than me might be able to provide a more educated comment.

tl;dr, multiplying the effectiveness of subsystem power levels by 4 would be ridiculous. You'd probably have to rescale them seperately from each other and rethink their effects.

But honestly, if there was ever going to be such a change to space combat as the one you've suggested, skills, NPC abilities, BOff abilities, ship stats, would all have to be fundementally rebuilt and rebalanced. That's half of the gameplay in its entireity being redesigned. Not likely to happen.

Also, I don't think the space combat is actually that bad itself. I find the biggest problem is that the NPCs are dumb, damage sponges.

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