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Originally Posted by darramouss1 View Post
I know that this post will be wildly unpopular, but here goes.

To my knowledge all weapons bar the turrets (and possibly dual beam banks) do not exist in the Star Trek universe. As this is a Star Trek game (and I'm a Star Trek fan) is really like to see them go.

Not only that, but the idea of a weapon that can fire in every direction, even to a side of the ship where it's not mounted, goes against common sense. If it could only fire in the ventral or dorsal aspects of the ship only then it would be a little more believable, but how can a rear mounted weapon fire to the front of the ship? (Dual beam banks are believable as they're forward mounted AND forward firing.)

Devs, please keep the game a little more believable and closer to canon and remove the turrets.

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While this is a Star Trek game it is also an MMO. If we removed everything that was not directly seen onscreen, big or small, then we wouldn't be left with much of a game then would we?
All cloaks should be canon.