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Originally Posted by mikewendell View Post
All I know is when I watch TNG is that I see multiple beams coming out of the ring around the top of the saucer. I always though that those were the dual beam
Good point. For what it's worth, dual beams are now good in my mind.

Originally Posted by cusashorn View Post
I like how the first thing we saw from the 2009 Star Trek movie were a ton of turrets popping out of the hull to shoot at Nero's ship. Since the ship was technically built BEFORE Nero's ship came through the portal (which is exactly when the alternate reality began), this means that Turrets are retroactively canon to the series.
I thought they were cannons? Even if they were turrets, surely they could only fire when the target is not obstructed by their own hull.

Originally Posted by bloctoad View Post
While this is a Star Trek game it is also an MMO. If we removed everything that was not directly seen onscreen, big or small, then we wouldn't be left with much of a game then would we?
Very fair point. If you kept it limited to what was on tv then yes, the game would be limited. And would suck.

I accept that science fiction involves the suspension of disbelief. I constantly have to argue this point with my wife as she all too often points out that mankind can't yet fly faster than light. (You have no idea how annoying this gets after the one-millionth time.) The suspension of disbelief required for a forward or rear mounted turret having full 360 degree filing ability is too great. It's like accepting the fact that david copperfield has talent. It just doesn't sit well for me.

Oh, thank you or not being abusive about my thoughts, people. It is noted and appreciated.