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Originally Posted by hakaishinlegion View Post
Well... you ask that I don't complain you're a Science in a Dreadnought, but there is something you MUST take to consideration.

My Alpha on decloak as a Tactical will be VASTLY stronger than yours.

I'm sorry. That is simply the honest truth.

Now, does that mean you shouldn't fly the Dreadnought? No.

But you cannot expect to fly it the same way I do with a completely different skill set.

As I was explaining earlier in this thread, the Dreadnought in the hands of a Tactical is fundamentally different than an Engineer/Science.

Mine is an offensive craft. Decloak, deal retarded high damage far faster than anyone could react to, then pull away, similar to a sniper or shark.

Engineer and Science become support craft. Dual-FAWs and lots of team support skills with 8 beams.

Completely different animal.

The cloak in the latter becomes fairly useless. You cloak at the outset and move in for your first lance attack (you won't 1-shot anyone, but you will damage them). Make sure you're focusing the same target as your team so it dies quickly, since you won't be able to pick the target off yourself.

Once that target is dead, you won't be recloaking for the rest of the fight. Set all of your 8 beams to auto-fire, and chain your two instances of FAW. You will be the primary spam-clearer, and with APB, provide nice fire support for your allies.

With your weapons on auto fire, you can put forth almost all your attention on healing and supporting your team. You can do this for 3 minutes straight until your Lance is off cooldown.

If you wanted, you could pull away, cloak, and come back in for another lance - just know again it won't 1-shot anyone in a Science.

Then go back to support.

I am NOT telling you not to fly the Dreadnought as a Science. But you CANNOT expect it to perform the same as my Tactical Dreadnought.

That said, I hope you weren't one of the Dreadnoughts I blew up in last night's S.O.B. rapefest on my Armitage. Good hunting and I hope you have better luck.
well actually, to be honest i can actually one-shot the defiant or a bird of prey, believe it or not, you should know that i know how to counter or react to attack pattern alpha, so its basically useless to me, but i have SubNuc, so i can take away buffs from players to gain the advantage, i have another character slot maybe i can make a another character (which i've actually started), but i've spent so much time on my science character im actually going to miss my borg officer etc, oh well... if it will make me a better captain...should i do it?