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07-09-2012, 02:02 AM
My question more than likely just sparked the idea of putting in for a few reasons they possibly thought of when reading it.

1. That they could put every single Star Trek ship not in the game yet in a lockbox and make it OP as possible.

2. Any existing ship that so many people have already bought can be made OP in a lockbox and people would pay dearly to have a b'rel with 50k hull and 2 commander universal slots instead of Cmdr and LC so the feds would have access to a battle cloak of some type.

3. They can make 10 missions copy and paste the rest of the kdf stuff and call it a new faction and get what they can out of it.

In all what we will get is these factions but they will just be knock off cut and pastes and not much time put into them unless they some how start to surprise me in the way they do their content.