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07-09-2012, 06:33 AM
Originally Posted by tebsu View Post
First bug: i entered the arena alone just to see whats going on. Saw that leader, attacked him. He didnt move at all, didnt shoot or whatever he is supposed to do. He didnt get even one of my HP's.

Second bug: after some minutes, i killed him but the mission was still in progress and nothing changed. Couldnt complete.
Originally Posted by mattachine View Post
My team killed that stupid project leader and it told us to get out in 60 seconds. We did but the mission didn't complete. Didn't get any rewards.
I entered by myself initially and could kill his Shields but not even dent his heath.

Then I joined a team and we killed the boss, nut our objective would not clear to Complete.... No rewards and no completion. We then were transported out after 60 seconds. I realized after I had beamed up the objective had not cleared and submitted a bug report.

I completeed all the other missions with exception of the two yellow 5 man missions, and turned them in at tne same time. All other objectives cleared and rewards were handed out, but they were all the same armored anti grav suit.

Thank you