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Originally Posted by carmenara View Post

On one hand ground elites are better handled by pre-teams, fleets or ESTF / proSTF channel players. On the other hand sometimes you get very good teams in PUG elites, or good new tactics to try out with experienced players.

But most of the time you get half the team comprised of people who seem to be using Mark X common weapons, can't even shoot down a normal drone and that's where most of the frustration comes from. It's apparently a good idea in some peoples' minds to skip the normal STF learning stage and go right to Elites in the hope of getting prototype gear.

By the way. Do you know a channel or klingon fleet there is some training for CGE? There is no training in my fleet. And I don't want to run CGN or CGE with pug. I got strong and persistent irrational fear of leaver