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Originally Posted by skhc View Post
You need to rethink the maths, if that's your goal, especially for PvE & STFs.


But honestly, if there was ever going to be such a change to space combat as the one you've suggested, skills, NPC abilities, BOff abilities, ship stats, would all have to be fundementally rebuilt and rebalanced. That's half of the gameplay in its entireity being redesigned. Not likely to happen.

Also, I don't think the space combat is actually that bad itself. I find the biggest problem is that the NPCs are dumb, damage sponges.
You make good points however you are trying to put the math into the suggestion. I mention 'by half' meaning a significant reduction in its overall performance.

Yes, I am aware the power settings modify everything by a good margin currently... but the problem is the bridge officer abilities are INSTANT heals and INSTANT damage... that is what is killing the combat in the game.

If I run my ship with just 50 aux I can still expect a damn good instant shield heal just by clicking a button. Nowhere in star trek did you ever see a 'QUICK GEORDI! CLICK THE BUTTON TO GET ALL OUR SHIELDS BACK!' type of combat. Shields regenerated and in this game that doesn't happen ..they are insta-healed nonstop during combat.

By reducing the potency of weapons and of these heals and increasing the effect power levels have will change combat into a trek-like combat situation.

Shields would be tough to bring down if the defender has very high shield settings... but in return that high shield setting also means he cannot allocate that much power to other systems.

If defender's aux is very low then his heals, already nipped in half by the suggested change, would be neigh useless.

If his engine power levels are low then the attacking ship can literally maneuver and fly circles around him and keep hitting the same shield facing.

if his weapon power is low then he really cant fight back that well with energy weapons.

Since speeds would be cut down significantly the ability for ships to run in and out of range is null (and trek-like)..even escorts. It becomes a tactical game of maneuvering and power settings control and teamwork.

Ship stats do not have to be changed at all. Only the item stats. Boff abilities only need be changed in their effect and as we know, cryptic is quite proficient at nerfing them on a regular basis so it can be done without much fuss. NPC abilities yes would need to have their stuff changed but not by much... know why? The code is already there. The game literally uses levels to assign how much hull/armor/damage the npcs do. Finding the level that matches the lowered-down-abilities/stats of player ships is all that needs to be done & set the NPC to those new level equivalents. Its not going to be a massive complete re-write of the npc database.

Once again, this type of gameplay exists in the game already. Its similar to what you experience in the first 10 levels of the game. Its just that the game for some reason just stacks bonuses on everything nonstop all the way to level 50 making the game more and more and more arcadish and less trek-like.