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Originally Posted by hakaishinlegion View Post
Dalnar's correct, though the frequency of the 1-shots is vast enough to conclude that it should not be discounted. EPTS will not nullify a Tactical's lance from a 1-shot by itself, however. So far the only thing that has stopped my full alpha upon a decloak has been either a good premade putting dual Extends + TSS3 + EPTS + Hazards after they see me decloaking rather quickly or an RSP popped in time to avoid my Lance's brunt.

Non-crits will 1-shot most anything if fully buffed on a decloak from a Tactical, assuming the enemy is caught off guard. Crits will 1-shot them through several preparative buffs, such as TSS, EPTS, etc.

Still, debating the power the lance could pump out really doesn't serve much. We all can relatively agree on one fundamental fact:

It hurts. A lot.

@radiatedcube - Any time you need help, just PM me in game - @Hakaishin. I'll do my best to assist and will take you to private matches to allow you to test tactics, builds, etc.
ok, i also have mentioned i have a tactical officer at lieutenant 8, would that be worth anything to level up with? or should i stick with the science officer. and yes, i will try to contact you for further support, thank you for your offer.