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07-09-2012, 08:00 AM
That was before the Akira as a whole was reduced in size. Last I heard, a type 6 shuttle would have trouble flying through those 'front doors'. Likewise, if the hanger deck went through the entire saucer it'd take up a LOT of room and reduce effectiveness of other systems.

The ORIGINAL plan was those to be doors. Plans change. They are now windows, not launch doors.

Besides. If they were actually doors in the show... Why not show them used? Why not show this carrier capability?

Face it, the original plan and the ship that ended up on the screen are not 100% the same. Hence the Armitage literally being said to "Honor/showcase" the original plan of the ship.

And look, to do it they had to extend the lower part of the Saucer just to fit the hanger!