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07-09-2012, 08:27 AM
The EPtW BOFF skill is really there for those of us running beam boats. I run with the Free Oddy as a tank using 6 Anti-P beam arrays, and two Hargh'peng Torpedoes one in front one in back. We NEED to have the EPtW to keep out beam damage up where it should be rather than dropping low because we have to have 1) more power in shields, and 6-7 beams will drop your weapon power by 50-60 per weapon shot cycle.

If you are going to run with higher engine power for more speed, defense, and turn rate, then maybe you would like to have the EPtW to help cap you out. If you are sitting at 120/125 prior to firing your weapons it sounds to me like DEM would be better for you.

Note however, that your power drain must be really nasty. Your entire setup is energy based which means that you probably are constantly running at lower than average damage. I would suggest trading the dual beam banks to torpedoes of some sort, you should see your damage go up overall.

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