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Originally Posted by tfomega View Post
I am a tac flying a defiant-r. I have 2 eng that I swap out interchangeably... 1 has DEM and I use that for shield penetration on some of those fast moving escorts. Because the escorts are moving fast, I have trouble hitting them and any shield damage I perform is quickly negated and followed by "miss miss miss", so I use DEM to get through their shields on "direct hits"... so while their shields are staying up, their hull is going down.. it even works on RSP since I have about 28% shield penetration with DEM1. For those zombie cruisers.. same thing. however, I am sacrificing a heal ability by doing this since I only have 1 eng BOFF slot. Any input from others would be welcomed.
For a Defiant, I'd favor the heal over DEM and simply rely on timing your DPS bursts better to avoid skills and evades.

Defiant's squishy even with that heal, to sacrifice it would be an incredible blow to your survivability and make you 100% reliant on your allies to keep you alive.

Not a good position to be in.

PvP you've to balance your survivability with your ability to kill your enemy. Best PvPers are those who don't require someone else to do their own job.

If you were a Fleet Escort or an Armitage with 3x Engineer BOFFs, I can see slotting a DEM for that burst. But I would recommend against it on a Defiant.