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Originally Posted by thissler View Post
And an engineer in a BOP is just a huge waste of engineer and bop. Honest. Get a Vorcha if you want to whip around all willy nilly. Or a siege destroyer. Or wait for the fleet scourge. All good engineer choices. Really anything BUT a bop.
Yeah, I know. What I'm most likely to do at this point is to just get more character slots, make a solid tactical character, and put that one in the BoP so I can get the most out of the ship's strong points. I'm really not sure I enjoy engineer (in space, anyway--ground is fun) enough to spend any more resources on that particular character anyway.

Edit: As for my ship, I'm thinking I'll actually do this and call it good:

2 photon (maybe quantum to get the most out of spread) torpedoes, 1 beam array for subsystem targeting
3 turrets

With tractor beams and other sorts of immobilizing/control abilities, it's not hard (just slow) to get this hunk of junk facing and locked onto its current target.

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